The Top Most Attractions in Nepal Tour

The Top Most Attractions in Nepal Tour

Tour around Nepal with the best Nepal Tour Package offers you the best journey ever. Journey to the Himalayan Kingdom grants you scenic views of tall mountains with villages on the lap of mountains; memorable and beautiful surrounding or the environment; full of unique culture and tradition on the way to journey.

Your journey to Nepal will fill with lots of dramatic moments where there will be thrill during climbing high elevation mountains, happiness to know about new and unique culture and tradition, and many more. Nepal Tour Package is the complete package of entertainment in the presence of the mountains and natural blessings.

There are some places which are the topmost attraction of Nepal to take the tour during Nepal Tour. Different people and different choices; some want adventurous trek and some want luxurious trek and some pick the middle of these treks. For those who want to hike and also want to explore some people with neither less nor high effort for those these are the places which must be included in Nepal Tour Package for lots of Entertainment.


The capital city of the country where you can get international flights and if you visit Nepal and you are the international tourist then at first you will land in Kathmandu. Kathmandu is one of the big city in Nepal which is filled with different culture, tradition, and variety of Newari food. You can also view wooden temples craft with pictures with hidden stories, stupas, durbar, museum, and many more.

55 Window Palace


The city of clay, curd, and temples with Newari culture and tradition. This place is famous for many temples, square, some of them are Nyatapola Temple, Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Taumadhi Square, Changu Narayan, 55 Window Palace, Dattatreya Temple, Pottery Square, Taleju Temple, Bhairavnath Temple, Pujari Math, Siddha Pokhari, Vatsala Durga Temple, National Art Gallery and many more.


This place is famous for sunrise and sunset view. Besides this place is famous for hiking purpose too. You will find many ethnic group people with their unique food and tourist prefer homestay rather than a hotel there.


The home of One Horn Rhinoceros in Nepal, and other wild animals. This place is mainly famous for jungle safari in Chitwan National Park where you can ride an elephant and explore around the national park. Except this you can also Birds watching tours, Tharu cultural show, Canoe ride, Elephant and Crocodile breeding centre visit, Night tower stay at the jungle, Elephant polo and many more.


Lumbini is worldwide famous as the birthplace of Lord Buddha. Maya Devi temple, Ashokan pillar, Myanmar Golden Temple, World Peace Pagoda, Dharma Swami Maharaja Buddha Vihar, China temple, Lumbini Museum are some famous places in Lumbini where travellers want to visit.

Kali Gandaki River view


Indicated as the most beautiful city in Nepal where you can find lost of interesting things and lakes. Sita Kunda, Pravas Lake, and Satyawai Lake. Kali Gandaki River, Tinau River, Ridi River, Dovan River are some lakes and rivers around Palpa. Some attractions of Palpa are  Kalika Fort, Nuwakot Fort and Bakumgadi Fort, Shrinagar Hill, Rishikesh Temple, Rambi.


The beautiful place enclosed by many lakes and mountains with the blessings of nature is Pokhara. Lakes, Temples, Caves are some attractions of Pokhara which attracts tourist towards it. Besides this, it is a perfect place to relax and have fun. You can enjoy 24 hours here because you can say this city never sleeps. During the daytime, you can visit places around Pokhara and during night time you can enjoy in some clubs.

Ghorepani Poon Hill

Lots of tourists visit Nepal for Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek because of its amazing views. This place is perfect for hiking on the lap of beautiful nature with heart-stopping views of mountains. From the summit point, you can view the eye-catching aspect of sunrise and get panoramic views of Annapurna ranges.