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Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal is known as the city of god and goddesses. You will encounter a temple or stupa in every corner of the city. This chaotic city owns 7 out of 10 UNESCO listed heritage sites in Kathmandu.

Our Kathmandu Day tour offers the art, culture, architecture, and craftworks manifested in the walls, pillars, buildings and statues of the heritage sites is fascinating. The ancient palaces in Kathmandu, Patan, and Bhaktapur reflects the royal taste of ancient Malla kings in Nepal. Similarly, the temples like Pashupatinath temple and Changu Narayan temple reflect the religious aspect of Hindu people in Nepal. Likewise, the Boudhanath Stupa, Swayambhunath stupa, and Lumbini, the birthplace of Gautam Buddha will give you some insights about the Buddhist religion.

Kathmandu Day Tour helps you learn about the unique cultural aspects of Nepal. The art and crafts manifested in the woods, metals, and stones in temples and palaces reflect the artistic taste of people living here. Strolling around the streets of Kathmandu will get you acquainted with the people’s norms, values, and lifestyle. Tasting the authentic Nepalese cuisine and other snacks in the restaurants will add to your journey of living and eating. So, explore Kathmandu in just a few hours.


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  • Duration 1 Day
  • Group Size Min. 1Pax
  • Tour Type Private tour

Kathmandu Durbar Square.

It is an ancient artistic and grand palace built by Malla kings in the medieval period. It lies in the heart of Kathmandu and remains busy most of the time. The art, architecture, craftworks, and designs manifested in the pillars, buildings, and windows of the palace are magnificent. The palace is surrounding by many small temples which gives it an alluring look. The palace is also known as Hanuman Dhoka. A big statue of Hanuman is placed in front of a gate in the durbar which gives the place the name of Hanuman Dhoka. This amazing palace was built in 14thcentury and is a place where the kings were crowned during the monarchy. It has been keeping its name in the charts of UNESCO listed heritage sites in Kathmandu since 1997.

Swayambhunath Stupa.

It is one of the oldest Buddhist Stupa in Kathmandu Valley. It lies on the top of a hill and is a perfect vantage point to see the whole Kathmandu valley. As the stupa has many monkeys, the stupa is also popularly known as the Monkey Temple. You can find the large statues of Buddha, monasteries and gompas and influence of Buddhism in this stupa. As per the mythology, the stupa sits on the same place where the legendary Manjushree had encountered a lotus in the valley lake.

Pashupatinath Temple.

The oldest temple of Lord Shiva that holds a high value amongst the Hindu pilgrims. You can find the buildings that are older than the life. Only Hindus are allowed to enter this temple. For others, you can enjoy the surrounding area that consists of crematorium where dead bodies are burnt into ashes. The unique features Sandhus – people who have rubbed their body with ashes and have dreadlocked is a unique feature to see here.

It is the largest Buddhist stupa in the world. We can see the monks busy chanting their ritual going around this temple. It is the holiest stupa outside Tibet which holds high value amongst Buddhist pilgrimage. The white dome and the glittering golden colored spire with an eye that symbolized peace is the unique feature of this stupa. The stupa lies on three layered stairs that give a look of a mandala.





  • Professional Guide.
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  • Transportation on Mini Coach.
  • Tickets wherever required.
  • Umbrella.
  • Photography.

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