Unusual Experience

If you want to experience a vacation that you and your loved ones will surely enjoy, it’d be best to check on holiday deals to the Himalayas. Here, you and your family and friends will surely enjoy a vacation that can relieve you of the stress brought by the daily grind. Look for the best flight deals to Nepal and visit here now so that you can witness the awe-inspiring and world-famous Himalayas.


Jungle Safari in the Terai is preferred to see Nepal’s rare varieties of animals and birds. A venture into the lush green forest on an Elephant’s back in the Terai region crossing rivers and swamps will give an opportunity to explore Flora and Fauna of Nepal as well as encounter rare animals and birds. Since Nepal has diverse terrain, Mountain biking is another wonderful adventure sport. It offers an environmentally sound way to explore the magnificent landscape and vibrant culture as well as remarkable heritage.


You can have another thrilling experience of ultimate Bungy jumping over the 160m high bridge of Bhote Koshi, one of the world’s wildest raging river rushes down from the Himalayas. Simultaneously Nepal offers other adventure activities like Bird watching, Cannoning, Mountain Expedition, Rock Climbing, Peak Climbing, Horseback Riding, Snowboarding, Fishing, and even Honey Hunting. Let us have a look at most thrilling, electrifying and mind-blowing adventure places, sports and activities that Nepal offers. We take pride in a large number of satisfied and repeat customers that visit us every year. We look forward to extending to you the opportunity to share the adventure of a lifetime.